After 4 days of blue water, we have arrived in another country; port of entry: Luderitz.

The past few days have seen mostly good sailing; the little bit of light winds at times were more than made up by fair following winds and some good spinaker flying and then finally a good gale on the last leg of the journey entering Luderitz Bay. On the wildlife side, we have been fortunate to see a multitude of sea birds, leaping seal pods and the piece de la resistance: midnight dolphins in luminescence.

spinnaker Another tough day at the office

seals Leaping Seals

As for myself, I think I have begun to find some sea legs after 4 days at sea. Although I was never at the point of feeding the fishes, the first two days were a little less comfortable than I’d have liked.

tracey2 Preparing a fishing line

I am pleased to report that I have introduced my new friends to some special South African delicacies. So far the pepperdews (small mild piquante peppers with a taste not too distant from sweet chillis) have gone down a treat on pizzas and the large packet of jelly tots (fruit flavoured jelly sweets – fat-free gelatine-free guilt-free!…lol) is disappearing fast! Added bonus on the last mentioned item is that my least favourite colour is Lauren’s favourite, so we are trading green jelly tots for pink!

Another day on the water comes to an end and a new country welcomes and with it the promise of new experiences, people, places, cultures, hot showers and fresh laundry!

We are planning a little exploration of some of the interior of the country over the next couple of days with a visit to an abandoned former diamond mining town and natural area of beauty called Sossusvlei.