South Africa has made quite an impression on us, and we are not in any hurry to leave, but it’s time. We still have a lot of experiences to share, but we are going to have to catch up on blogging while at sea. Our weather window came as predicted, so we are off to Namibia today!

We have a new crew member coming along. Tracy is a South African who has been working on super-yachts in Fort Lauderdale and in the Mediterranean but is interested in getting some sailing experience. She is extremely nice, well travelled, and keen to learn anything and everything related to sailboats (including engine repair!), so I’m sure that Dallas and I are going to enjoy her company and assistance.


Getting to know Tracy at the good-bye braii

We’re at the fuel dock as we speak (I’m taking advantage of the last minute as usual), so that’s all for now. FYI, I recently posted lots of photos from our recent adventures (see the Photos link above) for your viewing pleasure. We’ll get totally caught up with photos (e.g., from our trip to the township and our hike up Table Mountain) when we get to Luderitz, Namibia in 4-5 days. There are several other boats leaving today as well, so there will be some very informal racing going on to help us pass the time on the 500 mile passage. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines (and hoist your sails)!