Lat: 9 30.736′ S
Long: 116 52.510’E

Well, there’s not a lot to report, but we are making good time. Overall, this has probably been our most comfortable passage ever, which is pretty amazing considering the distance we’ve covered (865 nm so far). Yesterday we finally had to take the spinnaker down when we had lighter winds on the beam for a while, but by morning the wind had picked up again and was coming from the port quarter. We put up the smaller spinnaker and are making 6 knots again with a nice, easy motion.

DSC_0777 No complaints after several days of this…

We’ve been using our time recently to plan a Bali itinerary (there’s enough to do that we have to remember to take time to relax…) and to look over possible routes and anchorages once we reach Madagascar, which seems like a fascinating place. It’s easy to see how so many people spend 5-10 years sailing around the world instead of the 2 we planned on.

The weather is great again today and we only have about 100 nm left to go, so we’re hoping to make landfall in the morning and complete our check-in in time for dinner on the beach.