So far this passage has been much smoother than the last one. I suppose you all haven’t heard much about the passage to Swan Island, as my last blog did not post correctly. I hope it didn’t cause too much concern for those who read the dramatic title but could not read the happy ending! Anyway, despite the adversity of the last passage (which you will get to read about once we get to Panama and get the full blog posted), all is well with the crew and the boat. The seas are relatively calm, and we are all feeling well enough to take turns at the helm, resulting in a much more pleasant time for all.

Lat: 15 11.990′ N
Long: 82 17.050′ W

We are well offshore now, but the closest landfall is Cabo Gracias A Dios at the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. We have enjoyed the protection offered by the reefs over the last couple of days, but we just changed course to head toward Panama and anticipate having less protection and more sea-swell. We shall see!